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“When should my child be fitted with shoes”?
This depends on your child and his / her confidence but we recommend a period of 4 – 6 weeks of unaided walking. This is because until children bear their own weight, their bones are still soft and prior to this time we recommend either bare feet in summer or cotton socks with rubberised grips on the base or very soft sole shoes made of various materials such as corduroy or leather with padded soles for colder months.

“What if we have a Special Occasion before this time”
We can fit prior to this 4 – 6 week unaided walking period for your special occasion where you must have a pair.

“Can we just come in if we know the size”?
We certainly need the feet! There are several sizing systems and more importantly the ‘lasts’, (what the shoe is made on), vary enormously – even within brands. Our staff will ensure you get the correct fit with enough width, depth and growing room.

“Should we pass on shoes”?
If the shoes haven’t been worn much, e.g. party shoes or soccer boots are fine, but not your everyday shoes such as school shoes as the imprint of your foot goes into the shoe and we are all unique so it becomes very uncomfortable and may cause damage.

“Do we have to wait to the last minute to buy our school shoes, summer shoes or winter shoes”?
We often hear this from customers. The down side is that if you leave it to the last minute you can miss out on limited sizes and fittings. Even if you are going on holidays we will fit your childrens school shoes for the year ahead allowing for growth and then you don’t experience the last minute “scramble”.

“Can I buy shoes over the internet?”
If you are an experienced fitter, know the “lasts” of the brand you are considering. OTHERWISE DON’T RISK IT! Have you or your families shoes correctly fitted by a reputable store. Your children’s and your own foot health are too important to risk getting it wrong from ill fitting shoes. This is a job for experienced people.